Fixed Bid

If you don't want to be involved in the day-to-day development of the solution, due to lack of time or resources, or due to the need to focus on core competencies and other critical business activities, you can confidently leverage of Tisya’s ability to provide complete business solutions. 

Tisya team has several years of experience executing projects from concept to finished product. We have project managers, senior software engineers, system architects and administrators, and database designers and administrators, who have successfully delivered complete and innovative solutions to complex problems spanning a wide range of technologies, and clients.

On Site

Tisya’s Professionals has been developing, launching and shaping corporations' software and Internet projects. Our team contributions are invaluable, and our clients are in awe of their tremendous accomplishments, as well as, their ability to quickly adapt to their environment. 

On-site model offers you flexibility, choice and convenience. You have the flexibility to augment your team with either a single resource or a whole team at a very short notice. You have a choice of resources you can work with. Our strong experienced pool consists of application developers with experience in the latest cutting edge technologies.

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